Principal's Welcome


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Welcome to our warm and collaborative school community. At Kedron SHS we believe in optimising wellbeing and learning, whilst driving the constant pursuit of academic excellence. We do this by providing a safe, supportive, inclusive and enriching learning environment, where all students are constantly surrounded by possibility and opportunity.

Our school culture is driven by our motto “To Strive is to Shine" which compels all students and staff to do their best in all school endeavours. We inspire and encourage students to Strive to meet challenges and follow their passions with the same levels of determination, resilience and effort each and every day. With this learning, students are also taught to Shine with dignity and humility through their actions and demonstrate the honourable qualities of being honest, trustworthy, fair, compassionate and decent human beings.

Collectively, our aim is for all students to become the best versions of themselves in both their learning and their own personal development, and, in doing so, play their part to embody our 'Kedron Way'. The Kedron Way is that 'special' feeling that grabs you when you enter our school gates. It is at the heart of how all members of the school community strive to work together in a harmonious, calm, caring and productive manner each and every day, with the aim of individually, and collectively making our school better. Our past students, parents and staff talk with passion about their school and the opportunities and support we provided. This passion stems from the fact that our ongoing commitment to our four core values of Traditional, Academic, Disciplined and Diverse enriches our students' lives each day.

These four core values underpin both the current exceptional learning environment that students enjoy, but also the future direction of the school. I believe fundamentally that, whilst innovating for the future, we must respect the diversity and traditions of the school and ensure we are continually embedding self-discipline and academic improvement as our key drivers. Through these actions we create a sense of belonging for our students to enable them to develop, flourish and achieve in their individual talents and preparing them for a successful future.

It is my privilege to be Principal of this wonderful school. I am fortunate to be able to lead a highly committed and talented team of teachers and support personnel who work collaboratively to inspire our students to be the next life-long learners and leaders shaping the future of our nation and the world. Our consistently high expectations, combined with personalised attention, has led to outstanding success over many decades at Kedron.

We are proud to be able to share our school with you. The Kedron family looks forward to welcoming you to be a part of something very special.

​Kind Regards

Blair Hanna - A/Principal

Last reviewed 19 May 2022
Last updated 19 May 2022