We warmly welcome volunteers to our school. Prior to commencing to volunteer at Kedron State High School the following must be completed and adhered to:

​All volunteers are required to annually:
  • complete the “Mandatory All-Staff Training (MAST) Program – Key messages guide for contractors, volunteers and Visitors, and preservice teachers and other adult students on placements” (see over for further details)
  • ​read, sign and return to the Main Administration Office (Main Office) the attached Kedron State High School Volunteer Statement for the current year
Submit both the completed MAST Declaration and Volunteer Statement to our Main Office for validation at the same time – record your child/s name and class/es on the declaration form (your child can submit the documents to the Main Office on your behalf).
The following documents will be sent home with your child:
  • ​The validated MAST Record of Completion – please keep this for your records.
  • A Volunteer Confirmation for the current year – show this to the teacher or staff member in the area/s you volunteer as confirmation you are able to commence volunteering and keep this for your records.​ 
​​​Please allow at least two business days for the above documents to be validated and returned to you. If you are not a parent of a student currently enrolled at Kedron State High School the Volunteer Confirmation will not be issued until such time as your Blue Card has been sighted at the Main Office and your Blue Card has been linked to our school – see below and over for further information.
  • Volunteers who are not a parent of a student currently enrolled at Kedron State High School must hold a current Blue Card and the card must be linked to our school (see over for further details).
  •  Under the Blue Card system, a restricted person (this includes someone who has been issued with a negative notice, or has a suspended Blue Card, or is a disqualified person, or has been charged with a disqualifying offence which has not been finalised) must not start or continue to volunteer at a school (serious penalties can apply). Further information is available from the Blue Card website:​​ Restricted person and restricted employment.
  • All volunteers must sign in and out on the Visitor’s Register located in the Main Office, and wear a “Visitor” badge/label, each time they volunteer. 
Please do not hesitate to speak with our Main Office staff if you have any questions in relation to volunteering and thank you once again for your support.


KEDRON STATE HIGH SCHOOL ,Volunteer Declaration Form
All Kedron State High School volunteers who are not a parent of a student currently enrolled at our school must hold a current Blue Card and their card must be linked to our school.
Please complete and sign the Declaration at the back of the MAST booklet and return the declaration to our Main office as detailed previously in this document.
Last reviewed 09 August 2023
Last updated 09 August 2023