Bring Your Own Devices (BYOx) Program


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Computers have been in classrooms for many years and over the past ten years the use of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) has grown within the classroom. Teachers, as life-long learners, continue to focus on curriculum and balance their pedagogical skills to best use ICT in an educationally purposeful way.

Bring Your Own 'x' (BYOx) is a term used to describe a digital device ownership model where students and/or staff use their privately owned devices to access the departmental network and information systems in an educational setting.

The BYOx acronym used by the Queensland Department of Education, refers to the teaching and learning environment in Queensland state schools where privately owned devices are utilised.


For more information, see the BYOD Information and Handbook.​


BYOD Parent Portals ​

The BYOD parent portals are offered as a convenient way in which to buy a laptop, accidental damage cover, extended warranty and accessories. You will find links to these portals on the right-side of this page.
Kedron State High School does not endorse nor recommend any particular supplier of IT equipment or accessories. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to compare prices and services from multiple retailers so that they are satisfied that the items on offer represent quality and value for money. Any purchase transactions conducted via the portals are a private matter between the purchaser and supplier. Kedron State High School is not privy to the contract.

Parents and caregivers have complete freedom to choose the supplier of the BYOD laptop.

Please note that the minimum recommended device specifications appear in the BYOD Information and Procedures Handbook.​


​... of the school​

​... of the​ Parent /s
​... of the student

  • provide suitable school Wi-Fi connection and internet filtering system
  • provide a blended educational enviroment 
  • model safe device and internet practices
  • provide access to printer services​

  • maintenance of device
  • purchase, install and update applications
  • appropriate insurance and warranty
  • log warranty claims and organise​​ repairs​
  • bring device fully charged each day
  • shoe respect for othe devices, work and privacy
  • access technology as a responsible user 
  • backup​

Laptop Specifications

  • Core i3 processor*
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Windows 10
  • Battery life - 5 hours​​
  • ​Core i5 processor*
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Hard Drive: SSD (Solid State Drive). It has less moving parts and is less likely to be damaged with regular student use.
  • Mouse
  • Headphones
  • Warranty and Accidental Damage insurance.​​

*Similarly powered AMD processors are a suitable alternative to the Intel models above.

Mac/Apple devices

​Kedron SHS is a Windows-device school. School infrastructure and curriculum programs are developed for Windows devices. Basic Apple support only may be provided and some software issues may arise for students with incompatible hardware.
Some subjects require the use of subject specific software that may not work on a Mac operating system. As many Mac owners would realise there are ways to run Windows specific programs on their computer with the purchase and installation of special software (e.g. Bootcamp, Parallels). It is required that students wishing to use an Apple laptop, purchase and install this additional software. Parallels is available for a discounted price through Education Queensland.

Incompatible devices 

There are some choices that should not be made. The following devices are excluded from the BYOD program:

  • Chromebook devices – these devices are incompatible with Education Queensland systems and will not connect to the school network
  • ​Tablet device (including iPads and Android devices)​

Last reviewed 30 November 2022
Last updated 30 November 2022