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Extra-Curricular Music Program Levels of Engagement

The Kedron State High School Extra-Curricular music program is structured for students across three levels. Ensembles are divided into FoundationDeveloping and Extension groups. The levels of engagement are aligned with the difficulty of repertoire for the ensemble and associated level of achievement for the individual students within the Instrumental Music Curriculum. More details regarding the levels of engagement can be found on the Rehearsal Schedule on the school website.

Instrumental Music Program Participation Details

Continuing Enrolments: All students enrolled in an associated extra-curricular music program at Kedron State High School or entering our school from an instrumental music program will be automatically enrolled into our program.

New Enrolments: Expression of interest for year 7 – 12 students for the Instrumental Music Program is by appointment with the Extra-Curricular Music Program Co-Ordinator or inquiry with the relevant Instrumental Music Teacher.

Annual Fee: $90 Annual Administrative Fee

Instrument Loan Hire Fee: $135 Annual (see below)

Ensemble Participation: Core, Auditioned and Opt in Programs

Vocal Program Participation Details

Enrolments: Expression of interest for year 7 and 8 students for the Vocal Program is by appointment with the Extra-Curricular Music Program Co-Ordinator.

Annual Fee: $60 Annual Administrative Fee

Ensemble Participation: Core, Auditioned and Opt in Programs

Choral Participation Details

Annual Fee: $7 Annual Administrative Fee

Harp and Guitar Alchemy Program Participation Details

Enrolments: Expression of interest for year 7 – 12 students for the Harp and Guitar Alchemy Program is by appointment with the Head of Department for the Arts.

Pre-Requisite: Piano and Guitar experience is recommended for both programs

Guitar Alchemy: $140 Annual Fee

Harp Program: $200 Annual Fee

Associated Ensembles: The Guitar Alchemy program is an ensemble program, rehearsing once per week. This includes extension lesson opportunities throughout the year. Harp program students are invited to participate in small ensemble groups and participate within the Kedron SHS Instrumental Music Ensemble Program.

Wind, Brass, Percussion and Strings Equipment Requirements

Beginner Woodwind, Brass and String students are required to work from the following books that are available through local music retailers:

Standard of Excellence or Essential Elements – Woodwind/Brass

All for Strings – Strings

N.B. You may be asked to purchase a minimal amount of additional music to ensure your student's experience in the program is maximised.  Individual teachers will provide formal notification of these requirements if/when it is necessary.

Percussion Requirements

All percussion students are required to play all tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments.  These instruments include snare drum, keyboard percussion (mallets), timpani and drum kit.  Percussion students have access to the extensive range of percussion equipment owned by the school. Students will however, need to provide their own sticks, mallets and books. A list of requirements will be provided by the percussion teacher.

Annual Percussion Levy: $50

Ensemble Music

Throughout the year students will also be given sheet music for participation in their ensemble/s. This music remains the property of the school and should be kept in a music folder. Students are responsible for ensuring that ensemble and/or lesson music is taken both home each week for practice and brought to school for rehearsal. 

Loan Hire Information

A limited number of school instruments are available for loan for a period of one year.

Loans are conditional upon compliance with a loan agreement provided with the issue of the instrument and the payment of a $135 Loan Contribution.

Once the loan contribution payment is processed, the instrument will become available for the student's use for the duration of the year.  Instruments are to be returned for checking prior to the summer vacation each year.  Please note that students will not be allowed to take an instrument home until the Loan Contribution is paid.​

Last reviewed 23 February 2022
Last updated 23 February 2022