inPlay Music Program


​What does the inPlay Music Program look like?

The inPlay Music Program is a highly creative, exploratory and student-led music program. Students are provided creative musical opportunities through performance, improvisation, composition, song writing and production. The program is a two-year program, running across years 7 & 8.

The inPlay Music Program encourages students to be self-directed in their learning and to engage in both collaborative and individual projects across the two years. inPlay music is project style learning with students engaging in performance and composition based projects.

Performance and Improvisation

Over the two year program students engage in performance opportunities such as the Jazz Vanguard Night in year 7 and the Artist In Residence Showcase in year 8. Students can also choose to create their own performance opportunities throughout the program's projects.

Through these performances students develop an understanding of how to arrange music, how to improvise, how to prepare and present music as well as utilise the required equipment.

Song writing and Composition

Song writing and composition are a hands-on opportunities designed to help students learn about musical genres, musical theory and create their own music.

Students learn how to brainstorm ideas, construct and structure their musical ideas, understand harmonic and melodic concepts and express themselves more effectively in words and music.

Song writing covers musical theory, compositional skills, arrangement ideas, harmonic analysis, lyric construction and technology. INFUSE Music song writing also teaches students how to record live sound, recording techniques and how to operate industry standard software such as Garageband, Logic Pro and Sibelius to create original music. 

Song writing opportunities also provide students with the platform to recording high-quality demos using programs like Logic and Garageband, along with MIDI keyboard controllers and monitors, and top of the range microphones.​

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Artist in Residence

Each year inPlay Music students in both grades (Yr 7 & 8) engage in an Artist in Residence (AIR) program. This specialist program takes place across a full week for year 8s and part week for year 7s. This intensive program supports students in their song writing, performance and creative skills. The AIR program culminates in a final showcase presentation for year 8 students. ​

What are the audition requirements?

All students are asked to prepare two contrasting pieces of music that best demonstrate their skills. This might be from a method book, or a practice book. Vocal auditionees may want to provide a backing track as well.

For all students there will be a short interview and may be some sight-reading.

Students interested in songwriting and composition may also bring a folio on a USB to the interview/audition that features two pieces of music they have written and recorded. This is in addition to your instrumental audition.​

What if I play Piano or Guitar?

You are absolutely invited to audition for the inPlay Music program. While we don't offer piano lessons, we do offer ensembles in which students can play piano such as the World Ensemble and Big Band. We also offer a guitar program that rehearse once per week with additional tutorials throughout the year.

Do I participate in instrumental music lessons as well as inPlay Music?

Yes, it is a requirement to continue Instrumental Music or Vocal lessons at the same time as being enrolled in our inPlay Music program. This is signed in an agreement upon acceptance into the course and your attendance at lessons, rehearsals and school performances is reviewed every semester. ​

What does the timetable for inPlay Music look like?

An INFUSE Music student will attend inPlay Music class twice a week totalling 140 minutes of both outside (before school) and timetabled class time across the 2 year program.  inPlay Music lessons are arranged each year to ensure minimal disruption to core and elective classes. Please note the timetable is subject to change each year. ​

Am I able to study the other Arts electives at the same time as being an inPlay Music student?

Yes. inPlay​ Music is timetabled in addition to Arts and other electives on offer in Years 7 and 8.​

Can I change instruments after I enrol?

No. We recommend that to get the most out of the course, students remain on the instrument they auditioned with at the end of Year 6.

Last reviewed 21 July 2022
Last updated 21 July 2022