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Middle School

Building on our seamless transition program for students moving from primary to secondary school, our Middle School philosophy continues in supporting each student to develop personally, academically and find their place within the larger school context. At Kedron State High School we offer a wide variety of programs to support and extend students to achieve their best and delve deeper into their passion areas.

The Middle School focus is very much on continuation of the positive routines established in Years 7 and 8 along with consolidation of the foundation work already undertaken in Junior School and exploration of pathways in the senior phase and beyond school. Organisation, preparedness, time management and prioritisation are all important traits of successful students and we look to support Yr 9 and 10 students in embracing these traits.  Year 10s undertake their SET (Senior Education and Training) Plans, a Careers Day and Work Experience this year, and Year 9s have a careers day Expo, with these all aimed at developing a curiosity for learning, especially in the areas that particularly interest them and those that they mightn’t have realised existed yet.


Middle Secondary Staff

Kedron State High School has a number of staff to ensure each student is supported through their time at school. In Junior Secondary the following people are important for your student to know:
  • Deputy Principal Middle School – Lindy Craddy/Dr Dianne Nichols (Acting)
  • Head of Department Middle School – Steve Lang
  • Year 9 Coordinator – Hiroshi Matsuo
  • Year 10 Coordinator – Mark Lawson
  • Middle School Officer – Kerry Reid (Mon/Tues) Trevanna Lang (Wed-Fri)
  • HOSES English as another language or dialect (Acting) – Dana Holden
  • HOSES Student Support Unit – Marilyn Milner
  • Head of Department International – Yuki Asano
  • Sports Coordinator – Corey Tucker
  • Guidance Officers – Liz Smith and Erin Miller

Organisation of Classes

At Kedron State High School, Junior secondary students have on offer three levels of learning in core subjects. 

Extension learning is for those students who are motivated and enjoy being challenged in their learning.  Beside covering the essential content, for students in these classes learning will be extended in the breadth and depth of subject matter.  These students will be preparing themselves to take on the more challenging subjects in the senior school.

Mainstream learning is for the majority of students who wish to achieve to the best of their ability.  These students complete all the content in every subject with the focus on achieving the highest grades possible.

Assisted learning is for the very few students who experience some difficulty with their learning.  These students undertake a modified curriculum with the focus of achieving a pass in every subject.

Class size

The state staffing model allows for class sizes of 28 students in years 7-10 and 25 students in years 11 & 12.  However at Kedron High, there is a policy to adjust class size to meet the different needs of subjects and the ability level of students where ever possible.  Therefore:

  • Extension classes, due to demand and ability level, contain a maximum of 28 students.
  • Mainstream classes are targeted at approximately 25 students.
  • Supported classes are targeted at 10 students.
  • Practical classes are targeted at 24 students in the Middle School and 18 students in the senior school.