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Applications for Accelerated Learning

The Accelerated Learning program is a pathway that caters specifically for highly capable and gifted school students.
In the Kedron State High School Accelerated Learning program, students have the opportunity to learn and to be assessed at a pace exceeding that of their current year level.
Our program aims to respond flexibly to advanced student learning needs, particularly those of very high achieving students. Students in this program are challenged with learning and concepts that exceed their current year level in maths, science, humanities and English.
To be involved in the program, students do not need to excel in all four subject areas, but they typically would have at least one subject area where they are doing so, and they would be maintaining a relatively high level of effort and achievement in each of the other areas.
In this program students are offered acceleration within subjects and whole year level acceleration (when appropriate) with the aim of keeping students challenged and engaged with high level academic work in the Junior Secondary and Middle School years.